idee21 debata - styczeń 2019

II Debata

15 stycznia 2019 r., Sala Notowań GPW

We thank our Partners: Fondo, The French Institute in Warsaw, the WSE and its foundation, along with our media partner “Rzeczpospolita” for their cooperation and help with the II debate. Feel free to take a look at photo and video reports, and we invite you to future events!

This year we had a unique guest, Michel Camdessus (the longest-serving head of the IMF, from 1987 to 2000). The debate was the debut of Michael Camdessus’s new book, “The Year 2050 – forecasts and challenges”. Dr. Marek Dietl, the Chairman of WSE Board and Pierre Levy, the French Ambassador to Poland, initiated the debate. Our guest was interviewed by Grzegorz Siemionczyk, an editor at “Rzeczpospolita”, as the audience listened keenly and participated in the debate.

Those interested in participating in future events or requesting copies of books published by are kindly asked to write to

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I Debate “A Violent World: Modern Threats to Economic Stability”

15th of January 2019, Warsaw Stock Exchange

The first book published as part of the initiative was: “A Violent World: Modern Threats to Economic Stability”. It’s authors, leading economists:  Jean-Hervé Lorenzi and Mickaël Berrebi were the guests of honour at our inaugural debate. The debate was moderated and led by Edwin Bendyk. We thank our partners: the WSE Foundation, the French Institute, Fondo and the Franco-Polish Chamber of Commerce

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Video Footage

Relacja z debaty.

Gościem debaty był Ambasador Francji, Pierre Levy.

Współautor “Świata przemocy” – Mickael Berrebi

Kacper Nosarzewski, Polskie Towarzystwo Studiów nad Przyszłością

Monika Constant, Dyrektor Generalna Francusko-Polskiej Izby Gospodarczej