About Idee21.eu

Idee21.eu was created by Fondo’s team in the early stages of 2017. As per the Franco-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Declaration of Business Responsibility, of which Fondo is a party of, “The goal of signatory companies in the CCIFP is sustainable and long-term development. ” Fondo carries out this mission by aiding international cooperation, primarily in the field of economics, social sciences and forward-thinking technological development via the Idee21.eu program.

Idee21.eu focuses its resources on editorial and publishing efforts, while also organizing annual debates centring around facilitating academic discourse coupled with real-life business experience in a global discussion of key issues and events concerning the socio-economic landscape.

Idee21.eu empowers the voices of leading experts and specialists, who represent a wide variety of fields and viewpoints. Our debates stem from our conviction that the driver of positive and sustainable progress is the exchange of ideas and information, through unabated academic and cultural transmission. We invite you to take part in our mission through our Idee21.eu initiative!