II Idee21.eu Debate – 15th of January 2019

Idee21.eu’s second project is a complete success!

We invite you to take a look at photo and video footage of this year’s idee21.eu debate.


Our special guest was Michael Camdessus – The longest-serving (1987-2000) Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.

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Video report from the 2019 Debate

About idee21.eu

Idee21.eu was created in 2017. Idee21.eu’s team believes that the driver behind positive and though-out development is the unabated exchange of knowledge and ideas, via education and cultural dialogue. Our initiatives’ aim is to capture emerging socio-economical phenomena and look at them from a neutral and all-encompassing perspective. We amplify the voices of influential individuals who are experts in their field and have a wide-ranging variety of view-points. Idee21.eu strives to consolidate and propagate the latest in international socio-economic thought, and embed it into public awareness.

First Debate Report

On the 15th of January 2018, in the hall of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, a thorough discussion on the topic of  Jean-Herve Lorenzi’s and Mickael Berrebi’s “A Violent World – Modern Threats to Economic Stability” marked the beginning of Idee.eus’ program. More Information

Media Exposure

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Source: Parkiet, 30th of January 2019, author: Grzegorz Siemionczyk

• “Leading French Economist: We cannot stop immigration, we can merely do more for Africa than we have up to this point. It’s in our interest” Read More
Source: Gazeta Wyborcza, 19th of January 2019, author: Witold Gadomski

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• “Michel Camdessus visits WarsawRead More
Source: The French Embassy in Warsaw, 21st of January 2019

• “Sluggish growth leads to conflictRead More
Source: Parkiet, 29th of January 2018, pg. 13, author: Grzegorz Siemionczyk

An economy without intervention will lead to conflict Read More
Source: Parkiet, 20th-21st of January 2018, pg. 20, author: Grzegorz Siemionczyk

Debate Report Read More
Source: Polish Future Studies Association, 23rd of January 2018. author: Kacper Nosarzewski