Books Published as part of

swiat przemocy - ksiazka

A Violent World: Modern Threats to Economic Stability, by Mickaël Berrebi and Jean-Hervé Lorenzi

In the 90’s, Francis Fukuyama foretold the end of history. The 2000’s showed that the ideal of a peaceful word devoid of conflict and shadowy forces was false, due to events which could not be foreseen and dramatically changed the global landscape forever. The book’s Polish version was published in 2018, as part of the program.

Książka - Rok 2050 - Wyzwania i prognozy

The Year 2050: Coming challenges and predictions.

The next book, published in 2019 via cooperation with Nieoczywiste publishing, is “Vers le monde de 2050”, by Michel Camdessus. In Poland, the book bears the title “Rok 2050 – wyzwania i prognozy”.

This time, the book forecasts how our planet will look and function during the next 3 decades. Who will brave the many dangers facing us, and save our planet from environmental degradation and it’s inhabitants from annihilation?

Michel Camdessus, with the help of emerging market specialists,  takes up the task of silencing doomsayers, who foresee only the most unjust and dystopian future. He states that we have to convince our leaders to take into account the fate of future generations, while also acknowledging the growing role of developing countries, which now make up more than 50% of worldwide GDP, in global political and economic interactions.

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